IH 2013 Barbera

<p>Refined and full-bodied, our estate Barbera vineyard thrives in the sunny breezes near the top of the hill. Aged in French oak, the wine is deeply scented with with layered flavors of blackberry and cherry. An unrivaled pairing for grilled steak or roasted vegetables.</p> <p>This multifaceted wine was fermented and aged in French oak barrels for approximately 26 months allowing the expansive development of lush berry flavors. Immediately appealing when first poured, feeling soft and rich. The robust fruit coupled with high acidity and soft tannin makes this a versatile food wines.</p> <p>View <a href="http://www.ironhubwines.com/inside-iron-hub/recipes/">our recipes</a>.</p> <p><strong>Harvest </strong>September 2013<br /> <strong>Alcohol </strong>14.8%<br /> <strong>pH </strong>3.76<br /> <strong>Barrels </strong>French Oak<br /> <strong>Aging </strong>26 Months<br /> <strong>Bottled </strong>12/29/2015<br /> <strong>Production </strong>17 Barrels<br /> <strong>Release </strong>1/16/2016<br /> <strong>Retail Price </strong>$29</p>